Music for Transitions & Healing

For centuries, most cultures have used music as a way to celebrate life’s events and to ease the transition from life to death.  There is now substantial documentation for the therapeutic value of music.  Music has been proven to reduce anxiety and pain responses, making deep relaxation possible.

As a Therapeutic Music Practitioner and with the help of American Indian flutes, I provide patients and their families the option to use music as a tool to promote healing during illness or to comfort them as they journey into death.

What is a Music Practitioner?

Trained by the Music for Healing and Transition Program in illness and end-of-life care, hospital procedures, music repertoire, and more, the Music Practitioner provides live therapeutic music at the bedside.  The music is non-invasive and requires no participation from the patient.  The benefits occur whether or not the patient is awake.

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